Medical Coding Services For Healthcare Systems

Strengthen Coding Validity and Reimburse Lost Revenue byMonitoring Unbilled Treatments.

Outsource Medical Coding Services To An Expert

The healthcare industry is consistently transforming. However, we have the expertise and understanding to help your practice succeed. We keep abreast of the latest coding changes and enhancements. This enables us to provide you with the most comprehensive medical coding services.

We have certified medical coders to do the proper coding for all significant specialties (outpatient coding and inpatient coding). We thoroughly review all claims and effectively make all the necessary amendments prior to the submission.

We offer medical coding solutions that are simple and flexible. This helps ensure accurate medical documentation, error-free claim confirmations, and streamlined practice workflow. As a result, you can focus more on providing quality care coordination to your patients.

Our team is certified in coding. We are available to provide medical practices with accurate diagnoses and procedural codes. This is necessary for proper reimbursement. With almost 10 years of industry experience, we know exactly how to navigate the complex healthcare billing and coding world.

CPT and HCPCS Coding
Diagnosis Coding (ICD-10)
Appending Modifiers
NCCI Edits Verification

Charts Review For Coding Compliance

Increase Medical Coding Accuracy

Quality medical coding is essential for practices. Improved billing management and a streamlined revenue cycle leads to financially sound practices. This is attributed to unbilled treatments. Our medical coding services help practices file precise claims.

This helps handle denials and enhance revenue cycle management. The benefits include increased efficiency, higher cash flow, and improved bottom line.

Acute RCM has certified professional coders. They enhance medical practice consistency using validated coding procedures and tasks.

This is done in accordance with the existing medical records. This helps to ensure the highest coding service levels. This, in turn, contributes to accuracy and transition efficiency.

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Medical Coding Integrity Can Help Reduce Claim Denials

Our medical coding outsourcing service helps medical practices. It reduces the number of claim denials by making their medical documentation more consistent. The system ensures the validation of a patient’s medical records. To provide this, we provide adequate infrastructure that ensures coding and claims are compliant with insurance standards.

Our medical coding specialist ensures codes and treatments are accurate. They also make sure the services provided by physicians meet coding standards. This is to ensure compliance.

Our team of professional coders will assign the correct code for CPT, ICD-10, Modifier, or HCPCS codes. This will ensure NCCI improvements, reducing errors and making the billing and coding audit process less stressful.

Medical Coding Infrastructure Optimized For a High Performing Revenue Cycle Management

At Acute RCM, our medical coding services ensure high performance revenue cycle management for medical practices. We have a robust and scalable infrastructure that enables us to implement procedural codes effectively. This allows practices to establish productive, up-to-date records and expedite reimbursement processes.

Our medical coding infrastructure helps practices reduce claim errors and increase revenue. It speeds up the billing process and streamlines the workflow by encouraging efficient submission of procedural documentation. This enables healthcare providers to focus on providing quality care coordination and patient satisfaction, resulting in improved productivity.

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