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Who We Are

We helps medical practices and healthcare systems lower costs and improve patient care and financial performance. Since 2013, we have been delivering revenue cycle management and medical billing solutions to various medical practices, with a retention rate of 99%. We have amassed more than nine years of experience. We want to be the industry’s superior force and the accepted authority in medical billing. From the outset, we have a long-term perspective on our client interactions. We know the pressures placed on medical practice and always pledge to help.

We Are Trusted By More Than 24 Specialties

Leading Healthcare IT Service Provider

Committed to Deliver Top-notch Patient Care?

So Are We to Our Clients

How We Add Value To Your Practice?

At Acute RCM, we understand how valuable it is to collaborate with someone who shares your exact vision and values. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and are experienced and knowledgeable in a complete revenue cycle solution. When you collaborate with us, you will benefit from the knowledge of highly experienced revenue cycle professionals who assist your practice and offer advisory solutions at the top of their field. We pour fuel into your revenue by helping you streamline operations, offering you excellent reporting, and ensuring you can collect every dollar possible. Our procedures are designed to assist you in achieving compliance while obtaining the desired financial results.

Why We Are Different?


We will help you submit your claims correctly and on time. We will provide you with all the information you need to make sure your claim is processed accordingly.

Proven Track Records

We promise that your cash flow will increase as we have a proven track record of reducing turnaround times for our clients by using electronic billing.

In-depth Reports

We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies in the medical billing industry and offer in-depth reports which allow you to track account receivables or tailor a report to fit your needs.

Hands-on Agile Approach

There is a more hands-on option because we pride ourselves in our business, team and services. Our approach is tailored to help practices improve their processes and systems, as well as their communication and collaboration strategies.

Integrated RCM Solutions

We offer comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services including Front Desk Support, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Patient Help Desk, and Credentialing/Enrollment.

Operational Proficiency

We have a team of skilled and competent medical RCM professionals with in depth knowledge providing the best quality of service, serving more than 26 specialties.

Central Foundation of Acute RCM

HIPAA Compliance

No-Hidden Charges

Speedy Reimbursement

Prior Authorization in Just 30 mins

Premium Audit Report

Billing in Just 3% for a Month

Searching For Integrated RCM for Your Medical Practice?

We can help you with a comprehensive patient engagement and care management solution that integrates authorizations, recordkeeping, claim submissions and reimbursements, appropriate coding, data analysis, and communication across the patient care continuum.

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