Medical Billing Services For Physicians & Practices

Operational Productivity Medical Billing Services That WillHelp You Save Time, Money and Resources

Comprehensive Suite Of Medical Billing Services

We offer complete medical billing services. Let us handle all financial matters for your practice so that you can focus on patient care coordination. We will verify that the claims and reimbursements you receive are adequate.

We integrate affirmed solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of your practice’s billing operations. We have a special process for accounts receivable (A/R). This allows us to keep track of billable claims and helps us maintain monthly collections and revenue cycles.

Our medical billing solutions enable practitioners to handle patient collections, denials, and appeals management properly. Our team of medical billing consultants will help your practice reach its full potential. This will allow your practice to provide quality patient care and maximize reimbursements from insurance companies.

Charge Entry
Clearing House Rejections
Payment Posting
Denial/Claim Management
Appeals Management
A/R Follow-up
Patient Statements and Billing
Analysis and Reporting
Billing Compliance

Strengthen Your Practice Revenue with Proactive Medical Billing

The recent shift to value-based care has created an environment where healthcare practices struggle to maintain improved patient care coordination. This is a significant problem. Your income source dries up if you cannot get reimbursement on time.

Proper medical billing and collections can help improve revenue cycle management. It can also reduce costs and increase cash flow. The difference our medical billing specialist can make in your billing process is significant and cannot be overlooked. So, we provide our clients with medical billing services based on their specialties.

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Your Trusted Partner for Medical Billing Outsource

Acute RCM is a medical billing company. We have the expertise and an understanding of the industry and will work towards maximizing your revenue cycle model.

Our medical billers are highly experienced. They deal with many of the problems practices face when submitting claims. These include complex documentation needs, fee reimbursement limits, and denied claims. Our thorough awareness of the subtleties of medical billing has helped us establish a straightforward and practical infrastructure for medical practices.

Streamlined Billing Management Solutions

Our medical billing solution helps practices streamline their billing process. It covers the collection of fees, patient recordkeeping, and patient insurance claims. This includes submitting claims, collecting insurance payments, and managing appeals and denials. Our solution simplifies the medical billing and collection process, making it easier to bill for services rendered.

Charge Entry
Clearing House Rejections
Charge Entry
Clearing House Rejections

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